Anita Fix and Bam Bam

photo by juli


Nightmares and hallucinations, delightfully coherent, have given birth to the latest Phix project, based around controlled chaos and absurd propaganda. Cockroaches are mercurial pets of the Imagination. Predecessor + Succesor. Insects link the future and the past. Are they closer to the Alien? Are Aliens Ancestors? Beyond human machines and systems for quantification, what is the true nature of insect intelligence? Even human language has related bugs to espionage. Etymology–Entymology

Anita Phix.

22 is a number dear to Anita who was born on the 22nd of August, the time of the Phix, with the hindquarters of the Lion and the bust of the Virgin. Now the number looms in the fast approaching future..double silver..20th CenturyFox is a museum piece of old technology. We are the advanced, superior science of the 21st Century. Anita Phix and Bam Bam play from a 22nd century landscape.

Poppy cults of Crete and elsewhere progressed to Chinese opium smokers and all sorts of eventual serums,pills and powders world wide. 2 great obsessions of our times, whose proponents garner funding comparable to that for the war machines, are pharmaceuticals and nano-technology. We acquiesce to Bionic Evolution.. Nightmares of even more lifeless 22nd Century drugs.


Pittsburgh, PA


active duty:
Anita Phix–words, vocals, guitar, percussion, machines, vodka
Bambam–pounding, wantonness, elbow length vinyl gloves
Nadine—vocals, keys, percussions, licorice stick, ethereal beauty
Flying Z—percussions, wreckless abandon
Danimal—bass, wu tang, raw power

Schreck–guitar, vocals, masks
James–vocals, bucket, bones, boots
Ess–music of the spheres harnessed by technology



RTS 009
ANITA FIX & BAM BAM - Run For Joy 7"