End of the Year Top 10′s

Posted by on December 29, 2011

So obviously the only records you really needed to  buy in 2011 were the records that Ride the Snake released.  We pretty much had the market covered.  However, if you still have money to burn and some kind of crazy vinyl record buying addiction, here are some other records that came out in 2011 that are worthy of your cash.  Happy New Year!

Rock lps:
1. Total Control-Henge Beat lp (Iron Lung)
2. Rank/Xerox-s/t lp (Make-a-Mess)
3. Kitchen’s Floor-Look Forward to Nothing (Siltbreeze)
4. La Ligne Claire-Cheri lp (Bruit Direct Disques)
5. Shoppers-the Silver Year (Drugged Conscience)
6. Royal Headache-s/t lp (RIP Society)
7. Comet Gain-Howl of the Lonely Crowd lp (What’s Your Rupture?)
8. Iceage-New Brigade lp (What’s Your Rupture?)
9. Household-Items lp (Dull Knife)
10. Mmoss-”i” lp (Burger)

Runners Up: Crystal Stilts-In Love With Oblivion lp (Slumberland), Cruddy-Negative World lp (12XU), Apache Dropout s/t lp (Family Vineyard)

Non Rock lps
1. Red Horse-2nd lp (Type)
3. Clams Casino-Instrumentals 2xlp (Type)
4. Glands of External Secretion-Reverse Atheism 2xlp (BUFMS)
5. Pumice-Pebbles lp (Soft Abuse)
6. R/S-USA lp (Pan)
7. Stillbirth-Toward Sailor lp (Hospital)
8. Call Back the Giants-the Rising lp (Kye)
9. Graham Lambkin-Amateur Doubles lp (Kye)
10. Ali Ag Amoumime-lp+7″ (Mississppi)

1. Holy Balm-7″ (Hustle Muscle)
2. Bad Banana-Cry About It 7″ (Puzzle Pieces)
3. Andy Stott-Pass Me By 2×12″ (Modern Love)
4. Andy Stott-We Stay Together-2×12″ (Modern Love)
5. Crazy Spirit-Remastered Demo 12″ep (Quality Control)
6. Raime-Hentail 12″ ep (Blackest Ever Black)
7. Regis-In A Syrian Tongue 12″ ep (Blackest Ever Black)
8. Vaccuum-2nd 7″ ep (Irukandjji)
9. Factory Floor-Two Different Ways 12″ (DFA)
10. Home Blitz-A.T.K. 7″ (Mexican Summer)

1. Void-Sessions 1981-83 lp (Dischord
2. v/a-Krypton Ten 2xlp+7″ (Unwuch)
3. the Vacuum 7″ (Siltbreeze)
4. Jack Ruby-Hit and Run 7″ (Saturday)
5. the Embarassment-Sex Drive 7″ (Last Laugh)
6. Bastard-Controlled in the Frame 7″ (540)
7. Just Urbain-Everybody Loves Just Urbain 7″ (540)
8. Young Identities-New Trends 7″ (540)
9. Trad Gras Och Stenar-Gardet 12.16.70 2xlp (Subliminal Sounds)
10. Dow Jones and the Industrials-7″ (Family Vineyard)

runner up: Erkin Koray-Mechul: Singles and Rarities lp (Sublime Frequencies), all 3 Dead Moon reissue lps (Mississppi), v/a-Those Shocking Shaking Days 3xlp (Now Again), June Brides-London 1983-85 lp (Social Music/Mississppi), Black Humor lp  (Superior Viaduct), Hagar the Womb-A Brighter Shade of Black lp (Mississppi), Above Ground-Gone AIWA lp (Siltbreeze)

live shows:
1. Big Freedia/Katey Red at Red 7, Austin TX
2. Kreigshog/Double Negative at the Broken Neck, Austin, TX
3. Lebenden Toten at O’Briens, Allston, MA
4. Kitchen’s Floor/Reports at PA’s Lounge
5. Mmoss at PA’s Lounge during the Deep Heaven Now fest last January, Somerville, MA
6. Arnold Dreyblatt at Goethe Institute, Boston, MA
7. Felix Kubin at Goethe Institute, Boston MA
8. Slices at “HOUSE”, Allston, MA
9. Iceage/Rank/Xerox at the Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain MA
10.Whore Paint/Major Stars at Precinct, Somerville Ma
11. Destroy All Monsters at Boston University, Boston, MA

12. Swann Che at Aviary Gallery, Jamaica Plain MA

13. Boston Strangler at Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain MA

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