Life Partners now the Official Band of Boston if Yellow Green Red has their say

Posted by on September 1, 2011

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The Life Partners Music Is Hard LP (Ride The Snake)
If you told me six years ago that The Life Partners were a band that had five albums in them, I probably would’ve choked on my Twix, but here we are in 2011 and Life Partners continue to soldier on. Even more interestingly, Music Is Hard is probably my favorite thing they’ve done yet. I doubt any band will create a song as simultaneously real and hilarious as opening anthem “Music Is Hard”, a song that takes a Louis C.K.-like skewering to the friend rock dilemma. The rest of the album, while never as hilariously poignant, entertains much like Sockeye and The Gizmos did, although The Life Partners’ absurdist view doesn’t necessarily require potty humor. You can take these guys out to dinner, and the songs reflect that. Boston haven’t played a show in years, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones haven’t put out a meaningful album in just as long, and Aerosmith are beating each other up on stage these days… I see no reason why The Life Partners can’t become the official band of Boston.

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