Sun Damage gets a great review in the new MRR!

Posted by on September 13, 2012

from the October issue:

POTTY MOUTH – “Sun Damage” LP
Ack! I love this band! Their band name may clue you in somewhat to their deal, yes they are named after a (classic!) BRATMOBILE record, and the plaintive simple guitar is definitely reminiscent of brat-sound, but they have their own distinct and charming viciousness that comes maybe from making a band with your best girls in a small town in Western Mass. The music is ridiculously catchy, it’s got a looseness to it but is still somehow urgent and powerful, two guitars play off each other in a manner that reminded me of CASUAL DOTS style, underscored with a real ear for melody and dissonance. Abby’s vocals are really cool and matter of fact, and as soon as I heard the first note I furiously attempted to get their earlier tapes, which are equally great (you can listen to them for free online too and I advise it if you want sounds like the FRUMPIES playing early B52′s). POTTY MOUTH falls somewhere between the sickest grrrl sound and early punk snot, like BUZZCOCKS “Boredom” meets “Cool Schmool” which is to say, they are amazing! (LG)

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