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Built on a Weak Spot Reviews Anita Fix 7″

from Built on a Weak Spot, August 30, 2011:

I’d wanted to hear this single for awhile now and finally got my chance a week or two ago. Having really enjoyed the retrospective release for Dead at 24 that Ride the Snake put out a couple years back, my interest in the bands successor of sorts, Anita Fix & Bam Bam, was up there. For those that haven’t heard Dead at 24, then I suggest checking out Doug Mosurock’s fantastic in depth review of it from when it was released. I’d link to what I wrote about it as well, but it wasn’t nearly as informative and well…it’s kind of gone now. Anyway, Anita Fix & Bam Bam happens to be 75% of Dead at 24 teamed up with members from The Pay Toilets, The 1985, and so on. What you get is a somewhat similar flash of the itchy, maddening, and uneven rock that made Dead at 24 so fascinating to begin with. The incredible stretch of boundary testing between the listener/audience remains within Anita Fix & Bam Bam, although this time around all those stumbling chords are pushed along at a bit of a quickened pace, scratching at the outer realms of a more straight forward trash rock blended with an influx of pop. However, this is what they’ve done so well for years now, never fully vaulting themselves into any one area that could ever be considered a compromise and stubbornly sticking to the damaged art-spin that 90’s Pittsburgh came to know as “Rickety Rock”. Anita Fix & Bam Bam act as an extension of that very scene, and a fine one at that.