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Ride the Snake in the Rettsounds column on Viceland.com

And let’s keep kickin’ and stickin’ in Boston since the Beantown-based Ride the Snake label was awesome enough to send a big, juicy package of their goods. My fave seven inches out of the satchel were by local heroes The Black Clouds and Cuffs. The four songer by The Black Clouds sounds like the loser stomp of early Cheater Slicks with a little more choogle in its stride, while the Cuffs 45 makes me wanna reference the majesty of The Monochrome Set without wincing at all; quite a feat. Oh yeah, somewhere in the box was the second full length by Tasmania’s pride and joy, The Native Cats, entitled Process Praise, and it keeps the script going from their previous releases by sounding like nothing more than a lost minimal robot rock classic. Is your copy of Colossal Youth looking run down? Jam this and give it a rest, why dontcha?