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New Cuffs 7″ out today!

Cuffs-”Private View” b/w “You Could Come True” 7″ (RTS017)

Ride the Snake is very excited to bring you the second 7″ single by indie pop quartet Cuffs. Hailing from Cambridge, MA, Cuffs is the new project of Andrew Churchman, who led the highly acclaimed, and now defunct, Slumberland Records outfit Pants Yell!. Supported by members of Big Troubles, Reports, and Boston psychedelic rock legends Major Stars, the group takes a scholarly approach to pop music and DIY history. Their first single made quite a splash; selling out quickly and bringing the band personal invitations to play with the likes of Destroyer, Real Estate and the Pains of being Pure at Heart.

“Private View” and “You Could Come True” are Cuff’s latest songs and arguably, their best to date. The A-side charges out of the gate with frantic drums, jagged chords and gang vocals. The song still maintains the melodic jangle Churchman is known for but the band is given enough space to get wild and top it off with Crazy Horse-style leads. “You Could Be True” brings the B-side to place somewhere between ’80s New Zealand and early-’90s Chapel Hill. The pace is reflective and wistful while the group channels their inner Chills and adds a dash of Sister-era Sonic Youth.

These two songs are what 7″s singles were made for. Immediately unforgettable guitar pop that will have you lifting the needle back to the beginning of the record over and over. File this next to your Verlaines, Feelies and early Matador Records singles.