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The Gumshoe Grove Reviews BOM!

from The Gumshoe Grove, August 12, 2009:

I’m getting to be such a whore for certain writers I’ll upchuck acres of green, stinky cash to get in on the magic they often say they’re experiencing. Doug Mosurock’s review of Blast Off Motherfucker! talked about a Chicago scene I’ll never experience and — as it turns out — a band I’ll never experience, and now, goddamn it, I want to at least experience Dead At 24‘s simply disgusting dissection of punk and post-punk (and whatever else) if I can.

And, as always, Mos is right on the money. Blast Off Motherfucker! is to dirty, tonedeaf backward-jangle punk what “Kick Out the Jams” (motherfucker!) was to proto-punk. Not that I see a big future in continuing the legacy of DA24; you’re gonna have to wait another 10 years at least to hear stuff like this outside of the clandestine corners of the indie underground.
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