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Boston Phoenix Reviews RTS Stuff

from The Boston Phoneix, Feb 9, 2009:

Reports, “Bill Wyman Metal Detector”

At long last, a new Reports track has arrived like a flaming aircraft through the very roof of the Internet. Fans of white noise, echo, and post-everything pop that’s scratchy and catchy as hell will wreck many an earbud to this treat — a taste of what’s to come on RTS perhaps?

General Interest, “What’s a Darfur?”

“I can’t keep up with the world!” exclaims the protagonist of “What’s a Darfur?” before asking, “Can it be a video game? Is it some kind of sex position? Will it cure my runny nose?” This is a smart, well-placed scratch across the face of a culture swept up in self-improvement as the world falls apart.

Life Partners, “Teenager in Trouble”

This asthmatic little ditty is a not-so-empathetic portrait of a recently knocked-up young lady. Life ain’t so pretty in the world of the Life Partners — and there’s music to match. Dirty, sludgy, aggressive but logy, they reach each nerve and pinch it hard. This song is the B-side of their recently released “AIDS of Spades” seven-inch — one sec while we roll our eyes at that joke. There.