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Mess & Noise on Native Cats’ “Process Praise”

Australian web mag Mess & Noise has a word or many about Native Cats’ amazing new Process Praise LP, which will be available for purchase right here at the SnakeMart in mid-July.

To these ears at least, Native Cats are far and away the best Tasmanian electronic pub rock duo in operation. The follow-up to their debut LP Always On sees their dark indie-pop stepping up a level. The heavier and more aggressive drum machine is the first thing to notice with vocalist Peter Escott flinging the tinny Castiotone into the Derwent in favour of a meatier sound. Julian Teakle’s basslines have always maintained a low-level menace, but on tracks such as ‘The Singer Is Dead to Me’ and ‘You Need a Driver’ they are now cold squints of meanness…