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Termbo Review of “Music Is Hard”

Didn’t notice that Terminal Boredom reviewed this one until Strunk just told me. They seem to have liked it but recommend you buy the AIDS of Spades 7″ first. And maybe you should, we’ve still got copies of that in stock!

Life Partners “Music is Hard” LP
Life Partners have been at it for a half-dozen releases at least by now, grinding out records and carving out their little niche for the true believers. I don’t think anyone who hears a Life Partners record would ever say they’re a shitty band. They’re a smart outfit, perhaps too smart at times, reflecting the New England weirdo hippie-slash-punk DIY scenes of Forced Exposure/Twisted Village and whatnot. Clever music for clever people. Or something like that. Anyway, Life Partners do plenty of things well: goony Gulcher-esque proto-punk, burnout folk-rock, lo-fi metal-psych (“Are We Practicing Tonight?”) and honestly their best tunes come about when they just sound like a really really good bar-rock band playing some cooking originals. They do some bad shit too. The title track is a bit funny but almost becomes an SNL skit. The vocals get a little too wacky on a few of the tracks, but at least the lyrics are good enough to make you forget their few sins. It all gets a little snarky after a side’s worth, but they hit the target more often than not. Wayne Rogers twiddled the knobs for his Major Stars’ cohorts here, so it sounds fantastic for the duration. If you’ve never heard this band, get the “AIDS of Spades” 7″ and work from there.(RK)
(Ride the Snake // www.ridethesnakerecords.com)